Are Fake Watches Illegal? Know this before buying or selling!

Love them or hate them, fake watches exist, and they often look exactly like the real thing. It can sometimes be tempting to save yourself thousands of dollars and buy a replica watch instead, but are fake watches illegal?

Although it is not technically illegal to own a fake watch for your own personal use, it is illegal to manufacture, ship, traffic, and sell any counterfeit item.


What Are Counterfeit Products?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, counterfeit is defined as “a fraudulent imitation of something else; a forgery.” In other words, counterfeit items are items that are manufactured to look like brand-name items. However, they are not made with the same high-quality materials. Some of the most replicated items include:

  • Designer clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories
  • Music, movies, games, and media
  • Computers and other electronics
  • Medications

Why do people go out of their way to imitate another company instead of just designing their own product? Brand recognition. Businesses are not built overnight, and instead of investing time and resources, counterfeiters take advantage of pre-existing companies and their loyal customers. Not to mention, they can use cheap materials to create items that they can turn around and sell for thousands of dollars.

Replica Vs. Counterfeit?

There seems to be some debate about whether counterfeit products are replicas, or more specifically, whether all replicas should be considered counterfeit. According to some, the difference lies in the belief of the customer.

On the one hand, replica items are items that closely resemble the original product, but customers are aware that it is not “real.” On the other hand, a counterfeit item would be one that includes the brand’s logo and tricks consumers into believing they are buying an authentic product even though it is “fake.”

Legally, the difference between the two is not clearly defined, and the word counterfeit works as an umbrella term to include anything that infringes on copyright laws.

Is It Illegal to Buy Fake Watches?

Depending on where you live, it may or may not be illegal to buy fake products. However, it can be difficult to navigate the laws surrounding this issue. For example, owning a fake watch is not technically illegal in the United States, but being involved in the commerce of counterfeit items is illegal. Additionally, it is illegal to carry or ship counterfeit items across state or county lines. So, it would be illegal to buy a fake watch and transport it back into the country.

Ultimately, it is best to avoid the situation altogether, but if you insist on buying a replica watch, make sure to consult local and federal laws first. It is also important to note that if you own more than one fake watch, authorities might believe you are trying to sell them.

Is It Illegal to Sell Fake Watches?

It is illegal to sell fake watches in the United States. Furthermore, it is illegal to traffic counterfeit goods, even if you are not the one selling the items. If caught, you could be fined up to $2 million dollars or spend up to 10 years in prison. These punishments become much harsher if someone is harmed or dies due to the fake goods.

Why Are Counterfeit Goods Illegal?

There are times when somebody might want to buy a replica instead of the real thing. For example, some Lady Dior bags can sell for upwards of $6,000 dollars, but not everyone has that kind of cash to spend on one purse. So, why can’t people buy a fake if they want to? If they know the item is not authentic, who is it going to hurt?

1. It Hurts the Company

The most obvious entity affected by the sale of counterfeit goods is the company whose items are being reproduced. Many of these big brands have spent a massive amount of time and money to build their brand recognition, but who is going to spend thousands of dollars when they can get the same item for a few hundred bucks on the street?

2. It Hurts the Designers

It is not just the CEOs who suffer, however, as many of these companies employ artists and designers to work exclusively for them. These artists spend hours pouring their blood sweat and tears into creating a design that people will enjoy all so someone else can begin making knockoffs. Buying counterfeit goods deprives the designers of recognition and compensation for their arduous work.

3. It Hurts the Employees (and the people who replace them)

Although designers are the ones who produce the idea, they are not the ones who produce the item. This job is left to the thousands of laborers who depend on their jobs to make ends meet. They are also the ones who will suffer the most when the company begins cutting costs. Not only do counterfeit goods put their jobs at risk, but the organizations who manufacture the counterfeit goods often use child labor or sweatshops to mass-produce the fake items.

4. It Hurts the Community

Most counterfeit operations are run by organized crime units, which means that the money they make from selling fake goods often goes towards other illegal activities such as trafficking drugs, guns, or even people. Additionally, these organizations run off the books and do not pay taxes, which takes money away from schools, hospitals, and other social programs. Many big brands also contribute to charity each year, which is something you will not likely see a gang doing.

5. It Hurts Individual People

There are a lot of tests and regulations that an item must pass before it can be sold to the public, but because counterfeit items are made under the table, quality control is non-existent. People have been seriously injured by faulty products and some have even died from things such as faulty sports equipment or medications that were not what they claimed to be.

6. It Hurts Public Safety

Not only does counterfeiting increase criminal activity, bringing more guns and drugs into the cities, but many counterfeiters have targeted organizations such as the military. The government is always looking for ways to save money, and they often outsource or buy goods from overseas. However, if the equipment does not work the way it claims to work, it could cause a lot of devastation.

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