Should I Buy a Watch for My Girlfriend? (Buying tips)

Many famous watch manufacturers have realized the potential market for women’s watches and have created some truly stunning timepieces. However, women are notoriously hard to shop for, and if you are trying to find that perfect gift for the perfect girl in your life, you might be wondering, should I buy my girlfriend a watch?

A watch can be a beautiful and versatile gift. However, because of the many styles available on the market, it is not recommended to buy a watch for someone unless you have a strong sense of their personality and style.

Continue reading to learn more about buying a watch for your lady friend, including the reasons why a watch might make a good gift and the best watches for her personality type.


Do Watches Make a Good Gift?

Although they are beautiful, watches are not something that people often think about when trying to find a gift for a loved one. However, there are many great reasons to consider giving your partner a watch.

A Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

Flowers are beautiful, but they eventually die and have to be thrown away. Clothing is pretty, but it eventually wears and must be thrown out. A good quality watch, on the other hand, will be durable and, with proper maintenance, could last a lifetime.

A Functional Gift

Not all women enjoy receiving jewelry, but most do, and what better gift to get her than a piece of jewelry that is beautiful and practical? Not only is it something that she can wear and use every day, but with all of today’s technology, it is possible to find watches that can do things like tracking steps and even monitoring sleep patterns.

A Constant Reminder

Because they are worn on the wrist, watches are something that you will find yourself looking at multiple times a day, and every time she looks at the watch, she will be reminded of the caring person who thought enough of her to buy the beautiful timepiece.

Personality and Style

Choosing a watch that matches your girlfriend’s personality and style will show her that you do pay attention and notice the little things. Even someone who is not a watch fan will appreciate the thought and sentiment behind the gift, especially if it shows that you’ve been paying attention to her and her likes/dislikes.

Meaningful Gift

Watches are not only beautiful, but they’re versatile as well. Did your girlfriend land that big promotion that she worked so hard for? A nice watch could congratulate her position. Are you looking for a way to symbolize your time together? Nothing symbolizes time like a watch! Maybe you want to show your commitment to her? A family heirloom, such as a watch, could be a way to show her that you want her to become a permanent part of your family.

Things To Consider When Buying a Watch for Your Girlfriend

As you can see, there are many wonderful reasons why you should consider gifting your girlfriend a watch. However, buying a watch for your significant other is not something that should be taken lightly, and it should not be done on a whim. There are several things that you will need to consider if you want to buy the perfect gift.

Will She Wear It?

Sure, watches can make a great gift, but if your girlfriend is the type of person who believes watches are more of a nuisance than anything else, you might want to forget the watch idea. Of course, it could also be that she would love to own a watch but is not the type of person to splurge on herself. If you are unsure, ask in advance.


Size is an important thing to consider because even though they may be adjustable, it needs to look nice. Smaller watches are better suited for more petite wrists, while large faces look better on larger wrists. Of course, it depends on her style as well.


Knowing her style will be important when choosing a watch. There are thousands of watches to choose from and her personality will guide you when choosing the right one. Check out the guide below for more information regarding the best watches for each personality type.


Choosing the right material is important for a few reasons. For starters, some women prefer silver or gold depending on their wardrobe and complexion. Take notice of the jewelry that she already owns. Does she have more silver or gold jewelry? Additionally, some women are allergic to certain types of metals and need hypoallergenic jewelry. Finally, not all women like bling, and knowing how your partner feels about gemstones and diamonds will help you while choosing the perfect watch for her.


If your girlfriend is not a big watch wearer/collector, then the brand may not seem important. However, there are many luxury brands that manufacture watches in addition to other things. For example, Dior makes both watches and purses and if your lady had a favorite brand, she might enjoy a watch from them over a lesser-known brand.


Will it be an everyday watch? Is it something she will wear only at work? Are you looking for something more elegant that she can wear for special occasions or formal events? Different styles work better for different occasions and knowing when the watch is most likely to be worn can help you choose the right one.

When You Buy

Despite your best efforts, there is always a chance that she will not like the watch that you choose. Instead of wasting your money on something that she will never wear, make sure you buy it early enough for the occasion, but not so far in advance that it is no longer within the return policy. Make sure you inquire about the shop’s return/refund policy before buying the item to ensure that she can return or exchange it in the unlikely event that she does not like the watch.

How To Choose the Right Watch for Your Girlfriend?

Everybody is different and what works for one person might not work for another. However, the guide below can help you get a better idea of what type of watch to buy for your girlfriend, depending on her personality type.

 Is your girlfriend…Look for watches that feature…From these suggested brands…
SportyAn active person? Does she enjoy things like running, swimming, hiking, playing sports, or spending time at the gym? Is fitness important to her?Waterproofing Rubber Straps GPS Compass Sunrise/Sunset Timer Heart Rate Tracker Fitness TrackerApple Fitbit Huawei Garmin Polar Withings COROS APEX Suunto TomTom G-Shock Cheaper Alternatives: HONOR Whoop Strap
FashionistaA fashionista? Does she enjoy dressing up, wearing nice clothes, and being noticed for her sense of style? Does she spend a lot of time socializing and attending both casual and formal events?Wrap Watches Bracelet Watches Rose Gold Gold/Silver Diamonds Gemstones Embellishments    Swarovski Michael Kors Gucci Guess Olivia Burton Cartier Fossil Bulgari Titan Cheaper Alternative: Nine West Anne Kline
Laid BackA laid-back person? Would people describe her as chill? Does she enjoy relaxing in baggy pants and t-shirts, or does she often steal your clothing?Boyfriend Watches Casual Watches Men’s Watches Chain Belt Digital Alarm Solid Color Chunky/Oversized Large Face Gender NeutralTissot Bulova Timex Frederique Akribos Michael Kors Luxurman August Steiner Just Cavalli Mathey Seiko Cheaper Alternatives: Laura Ashley Olivia Pratt Nemesis
CasualMore casual than glamorous? Does she prefer dressing down over dressing up? Can you often find her in a sundress and flip-flops or jeans and a t-shirt?Less Flashy Less Gemstones Earth Tones Leather Strap Large Face Simple Design Calm ColorsCoach Seiko Timex Fossil Coach CITIZEN Vincero Eros Tissot Shinola Cheaper Alternatives: Anne Kline Ladies Nine
ProfessionalA professional or a career-driven lady? Does she hold a position of power or spend a lot of time in meetings or work functions? Are formal events a normal part of her life?Leather Band Simple Design High-Quality Material Large Face Bracelet Band Sleek Design Minimal Analog Circle DesignNordgreen Eternal Holzkern Rolex Omega Timex Movado Michael Kors Coach Fossil Guess Withings Bulgari Kate Spade Cheaper Alternative: Vincero
QuirkyA fun-loving or creative person? Does she enjoy doing artistic things such as painting, sculpting, photography, or other crafty things? Is she drawn to more quirky designs or like bold colors and patterns?Floral Watches Printed Bands Map Watches Interchangeable Bands Skeleton Watches Bright Colors Unique Shapes Embellishments Eco FriendlyChristian Dior GUCCI Rado Kate Spade Montblanc Piaget Cartier Bovet Ulysse Nardin De Bethune Hermes Harry Winston Cheaper Alternatives: Olivia Burton Curren Orla Kiely Vintage Watches

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